Financial Planning Professional Receives Advisor Certification
October 21, 2015

Sun Gazette – Sunday September 13, 2015 – Hudock Capital Group of Williamsport has announced that Registered Associate, Marcia Pauling has completed the certification requirements of the National Social Security Association (NSSA) and is now authorized to use the NSSA Advisor designation.

The NSSA Advisor certification allows Pauling to act as liaison with Hudock Capital’s team of financial advisors to best determine Social Security claim options tailored to each client’s particular need in order to optimize lifetime Social Security income.

“Generally, people are under the impression that there are three options to receiving Social Security benefits which are to file for early benefits, collect them at retirement age or wait until they reach 70,” said Pauling.  “The fact is that there are many more options available that most people aren’t even aware of and that is where I can help.”

Pauling’s certification allows her to use a specialized analytical program tool to calculate and produce a variety of options regarding Social Security benefit dispersal tailored to an individual’s need and situation.  The information needed from a client to make the calculations is simply their birthdate, Social Security statement, their family status and pension information.

Increasingly, Social Security benefits and the issues that surround them play an important role in planning for long-term retirement income.  From how and when to file for Medicare to change in marital status resulting from either death or divorce, the services Pauling now provides can help Hudock Capital clients understand the myriad of options that millions of potential retirees are facing daily.

Pauling has been a member of the Hudock Capital team since 2008 and is responsible for developing and maintaining client relationships for individuals and families in Williamsport, Danville, Lewisburg and surrounding areas as well as those residing in other parts of the country.

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