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  • Americans Lose Trillions in Social Security
  • Planning Your Legacy: Where to Start
  • Filing the FAFSA: Do it Soon, Do it Right
  • Coming In For a Landing
    Time for a big summer market updateYou are on a plane, currently descending gradually through the clouds.  We’re on the plane, too.  In fact, everyone in the country is on board.  Welcome to Flight 2023 of U.S. Economy Airlines.  We know our destination: A normal rate of inflation.  What we don’t know is how long … Read more
  • 10 Tips for Maximizing Financial Aid
  • 7 Ways to Help You Cut College Costs
  • 6 Factors That Predict a Student’s College Success
  • Expensive, Popular or Affordable, Sensible School?
  • 15 Resources for Overwhelmed Caregivers
  • 6 Financial Planning Issues to Cover Before the Wedding
  • Is a Cash Windfall in Your Future?
  • 4 Ways to Evaluate a Financial-Aid Award Letter
  • The Liberty Song
    United we stand, divided we fall.It’s a phrase that’s been said many times throughout our nation’s history.  The legendary Patrick Henry said it in the last speech he would ever give to the public, thundering the words so forcefully that at the end, he collapsed and had to be carried away.  Abraham Lincoln famously alluded … Read more
  • Comparing the Speed of Interest Rate Hikes 1988-2023
  • Debt Crisis Averted
    When 2023 kicked off, there were two storylines every economist, analyst, and financial advisor were keeping an eye on.  Two potential crises that could upend the markets.  We’re referring, of course, to the debt ceiling and the possibility of a recession. Today, six months later, we’re thrilled to announce that the first potential crisis has … Read more
  • Happy Father’s Day…
    Happy Father’s Day!  Recently, we came across a sweet story on social media that really put the holiday on our minds.  In honor of all fathers, we’d like to share it with you.  Earlier this spring, the staff at the World Bird Sanctuary in Missouri witnessed an unusual sight when an old, male bald eagle … Read more
  • Hudock Capital is humbled to be recognized again by Barron’s and we owe it all to you!
  • U.S. Consumer Debt Piles Up to $17 Trillion
  • Once Upon an Orchestra
  • The Rise of the U.S. Debt Ceiling
  • the springs of inspiration…
    Every Memorial Day, we as Americans take time to remember the soldiers who died serving our country.  We lay flowers at their graves.  We touch the monuments erected in their memory.  Sometimes, we even walk on the same battlefields where they fought and fell.  Knowing all the while that we wouldn’t be here without them. … Read more
  • 4 Keys to the Millennial Balancing Act of Paying Off Student Debt and Saving for Retirement
  • Happy Mother’s Day…
    Happy Mother’s Day! A few weeks ago, I was thinking about what sort of flowers to send to my mom. In doing so, I started researching the deeper significance behind many types of flowers. Doing so really made me think about my own mom and all the things she means to me. So, in honor … Read more
  • A Workable Solution for Baby Boomers Near Retirement
  • Social Security: The Important Questions
  • an Easter message for you…
    Happy Easter!  As you know, the Eastertime is a very special one for people of varying faiths, cultures, and traditions.  One thing that has always fascinated us, though, is how Easter symbolizes growth and renewal.  That’s no surprise – this is also the time of year when flowers bloom, hibernating animals emerge, and many species … Read more
  • Barbara Hudock is invited to speak at the @barronsadvisor #BA100 conference!
    Please join us in congratulating Barbara Hudock for being invited to speak at the @barronsadvisor #BA100 conference! We’re proud and excited to see Barbara share her expertise at the national level! #financialadvisor #top100 #teamwork #success #wealthmanagement #hudockcapitalgroup
  • Luck of the Irish…
    If you’re a big fan of St. Patrick’s Day like we are, you will wake up on the 17th, daydreaming of what’s to come. You can smell delicious, corned beef, cabbage, and the faint richness of Guinness floating in the air. You can almost taste it. Everywhere you look, you’re seeing green. Shamrocks on clothing, … Read more
  • In celebration of President’s Day…
    Napoleon.  Franco.  Julius Caesar.  History is filled with examples of generals who became dictators.  But there’s one shining example of a general who didn’t, and we celebrate his birthday every February. We’re referring, of course, to George Washington.  Future historians would have hardly batted an eye had Washington proclaimed himself king after defeating the British.  … Read more
  • Happy New Year’s…
    If there’s one thing we’ve learned over the years as a financial advisor, it’s that it’s never too late to dream a new dream…or achieve one, either.  Recently, we read a story that proved just how true this is.  Allow us to introduce you to a man named Manfred Steiner.  Back in late 2020, Steiner … Read more
  • The Elves and the Shoemaker…
    When we were kids, we used to focus on what we would get every Christmas.  What presents would we open on Christmas morning?  What surprises would we find in our stocking?  What items would Santa actually deliver from our list?  Had we been good enough that year? As we got older and started families of … Read more
  • Happy Thanksgiving!
    On October 3, 1789, President Washington gave the nation’s first Thanksgiving Proclamation.  In it, he both specified the exact day the nation should come together in gratitude and suggested some of the things Americans had to be grateful for.  Washington released a second Thanksgiving Proclamation in 1795.  After this, only one president – James Madison … Read more
  • Protecting Your Personal Data…
    Imagine this scenario.  You get an email that appears to be from your bank.  You open it and read a message riddled with misspelled words that direct you to “click the link below.”  You click on the link and are taken to a page that looks almost exactly like the website you’re used to visiting.  … Read more
  • Happy 4th of July…
    With Independence Day just around the corner, we’ve recently been thinking about all the things there are to enjoy about our national holiday.  The celebration itself is great—it’s a time for fireworks and baseball, barbecues and patriotic music.  That’s exactly what John Adams, one of the signers of the Declaration of Independence, predicted when he … Read more
  • The Bear is Back 2022
    The bear is back.  On Monday, June 13, investors began the week by digesting a new spate of bad – albeit familiar – news: Inflation continues to surge.  In response, the markets sank swiftly and sharply, pushing the S&P 500 officially into bear market territory.1  (A bear market, as you may remember, is a drop … Read more
  • Honor Our Fathers…
    Happy Father’s Day!  As you know, Father’s Day is a chance to honor our fathers for their contributions to family and society.  That includes grandfathers, great grandfathers, and also men who serve in the role of fathers.  This is a chance to show how their hard work, sacrifice, and commitment have paid off.  Many words … Read more
  • The Doolittle Raiders
    When someone says the word “hero,” what do you think of?  Do you imagine some muscle-laden dragon-slayer with a magical sword?  Or perhaps a gun-toting, leather-wearing action star, complete with signature sunglasses?  These are what heroes tend to look like in the movies, after all. In real life, heroes come in all shapes and sizes, … Read more
  • Navigating Turbulent Times
    Remember when you were learning to drive, how new and scary it could be?  The first time you merged onto the freeway.  The first time you switched lanes during heavy rush hour traffic.  The first time you parallel-parked on a busy street.  The first time you drove in heavy rain or in the snow. Eventually, … Read more
  • Market Update – War and Stagflation
    MARKET UPDATE: Since our last market communique on the Ukraine war, cross-asset volatility has remained high as the war has proven more intense and geopolitically unpalatable.   A FURTHER ESCALATION This has led to a ratcheting-up of economic sanctions on Russia that are rapidly crippling their economy.  While economic sanctions are common pressure points applied to … Read more
  • Russia invades Ukraine…
    Q&A: How the Russian Invasion of Ukraine May Affect Investors On Thursday, February 24, after months of tension and military buildup, Russia invaded Ukraine.  It’s the first major war between European nations in decades and brings significant humanitarian and economic ramifications for the entire world. We want to assure you that our team has spent … Read more
  • Forbes Recognition Thank YOU!!!
    At Hudock Capital, there is nothing more important to us than YOU.  We are grateful for the opportunity to help you live the life you’ve imagined and we take great pleasure in celebrating your successes.  When our clients succeed, we succeed. It’s my pleasure today to share with you one of our own team member’s … Read more
  • A Short Guide to Market Corrections
    A Short Guide to Dealing with Market Corrections If you’ve been paying attention to the news, you know the markets have endured a topsy-turvy month of January. As a result, the S&P 500 and Dow Jones are both on the verge of what analysts call a market correction.1 (Something the NASDAQ already entered last week.1)  … Read more
  • The Lincoln Way
    “I may walk slowly, but I never walk backwards.” – Abraham Lincoln Happy New Year! Every January, our minds drift to Lincoln’s quote above.  That’s because this is the time when people set new goals for their lives.  I’m going to lose weight.  I’m going to quit smoking.  I’m going to learn the piano.  I’m … Read more
  • A Feeling of Christmas
    Every year, we sit down at our desks to write a few thoughts about Christmas to share with our clients.  We ask ourselves, “What can we say that will spread a little Christmas spirit in some small way?  How can we add a little more peace to the world, a little more hope, a little … Read more
  • The Omicron Variant
    Have you ever received a gift you didn’t actually want?  Well, investors got just such a gift recently – the kind nobody wants.  We’re not talking about an ugly sweater or a pair of socks.  We’re referring to a new bout of market volatility, just in time for the holidays.  (Quick recap in case you … Read more
  • Closer to Home
    It is cold, muddy, and the cities are in ruins.  It is France, November 1918, and over a million Americans are about to miss Thanksgiving, being far away from home.  The First World War has ended, Germany having signed an armistice only a few weeks before.  The rebuilding, however, has just begun.  It will be … Read more
  • The Greatest Reward
    Happy Veterans Day! As you know, Veterans Day is a chance to honor those who have served our country.  Of course, we always hope that when soldiers return home from defending our country, they are rewarded for their heroism.  Sometimes, it may be in the form of a ticker tape parade.  Sometimes it may be … Read more
  • Cyber Security Presentation
    Visit our website to listen to a CYBER SECURITY presentation! To access the recording, go to https://hudockcapital.com/videos/ and select the video labeled “Cyber Security Presentation.” If you have any questions, please contact our office.   Sincerely, Barbara B. Hudock CIMA®, CPM®Chief Executive OfficerFounding Partner Michael J. Hudock, Jr., CPM®President and Founding PartnerWealth Consultant
  • The Day After
    Remembering September 11…and the Day After This month, we observe the twentieth anniversary of the September 11 attacks.  But there’s another day we feel we should be observing, too.  The Day After.  September 12. Now, what’s so special about this day, you ask?  It’s simple.  If September 11 was the day America was hurt, September … Read more
  • Independence Rock
    On July 4, 1852, a young man named Ezra Meeker found himself staring up at a huge granite monolith in central Wyoming.  It was called Independence Rock, partially because westward-bound pioneers, like Ezra, knew that if they made it to this landmark on or before Independence Day, they stood a good chance of reaching their … Read more
  • Honor Our Fathers
    As you know, the world is full of important people.  From presidents to scientists to singers, all celebrities influence our culture in different ways.  But when it comes to us as individuals, there are few people more influential than our fathers.  Fathers inspire us, guide us, and motivate us.  They not only shape who we … Read more
  • A Message from President Eisenhower
    When I was young, I remember asking my parents why we observe Memorial Day.  While some people use it mainly as a chance to throw a backyard BBQ, others take the time to visit cemeteries, pour over old photographs, or read the stories of those who died serving our country. “But why?” I wanted to … Read more
  • The Most Important Job
    The most important job a person can have is the job of being a mother. Mothers must be strong to show us the way. They must be firm should the need arise to teach us how to find our feet without falling again. Mothers must be loving, to teach us what love is all about. … Read more
  • Forbe’s Ranks Barbara Hudock among Top Financial Advisors in Pennsylvania
    Forbes ranked Barbara as #11 on the 2021 Top Women Wealth Advisor list in Pennsylvania1. Forbes rankings are developed by SHOOK Research and chosen based upon an in-person interview, industry experience, compliance records, revenue produced and assets under management. 1 Forbes America’s Top Women Wealth Advisors, March 24, 2021, https://www.forbes.com/top-women-advisors/#325d2d8251f4
  • Barron’s Ranks Barbara Hudock among Top Financial Advisors in U.S.
    Barron’s named Barbara as one of the top 2021 Financial Advisors in the U.S. and among the top 50 Financial Advisors in Pennsylvania1. 1 Barron’s 2021 Top 1200 U.S. Financial Advisors Ranked by State, March 13, 2021, https://www.barrons.com/report/top-financial-advisors/1000/2021
  • Interest Rates and Inflation
    One year.  It seems incredible, but it has been one year since COVID-19 struck our shores.  One year since the World Health Organization declared a pandemic.  One year since the markets crashed and the schools closed, and we realized just how much we take toilet paper for granted.  Since then, the markets have recovered and … Read more
  • Evangelical Community Hospital’s National Hospital Week Celebration
    Hudock Capital recently had the opportunity to participate in Evangelical Community Hospital’s National Hospital Week celebration.  Our team worked tirelessly to individually wrap almost two thousand candy bars with a special, heart-felt message that we extend to all medical and other frontline employees everywhere — “You Are Our True Heroes.”  Be sure to tell a … Read more
  • Tax Memo for April 2020
                                          REMINDER! This note is a reminder to those clients who file estimated tax payments… Ordinarily, the estimated tax filing deadline is April 15, 2020.  The IRS has extended this deadline to July 15, 2020. For 2020, with the exception of the April 15 due date, the other dates still apply.  In other words, your … Read more
  • And the People Stayed Home
    We would like you to assure you that Hudock Capital is prepared for these uncertain times with a strong and established business continuity plan to ensure that we continue to service your accounts without interruption.  We have the technology and infrastructure to serve our clients remotely, if necessary, for the well-being of our team and … Read more
  • Forbe’s Ranks Barbara Hudock among Top Financial Advisors in Pennsylvania
    Forbes recently released its 2020 Best-In-State Wealth Advisor Rankings and has named Barbara B. Hudock, CEO and Founding Partner of Hudock Capital Group, as one of the Best-In-State Wealth Advisors in Pennsylvania. Hudock is the third highest-ranked woman wealth advisor, and is ranked #22 among all advisors, included in Forbes 2020 Pennsylvania Best-In-State Wealth Advisor Rankings.1 … Read more
  • In Memory Of Jane
    It is with a heavy heart that I write this letter to share the sad news that our beloved Jane Hawkins succumbed to her recent illness this past Friday, December 20, 2019.  Jane left us peacefully, retaining her characteristic optimism and sense of humor until the very end. I also write with a heart full … Read more
  • George Daniel Fly Fishing Event
    Hudock Capital had the honor of hosting nationally known author and guide, two time U.S. Fly Fishing Champion and former Team USA Fly Fishing Coach George Daniel. George has become a very proficient angler and has been successful on the national level for competition style fly fishing. George focused his presentation on teaching some of … Read more
  • Quarterly Tax Tip: Tax-Free Growth AND Tax-Free Withdrawals Anyone?
    August 30, 2018 REMINDER! This note is a reminder to those clients who file estimated tax payments… Your estimated tax payments for the third quarter of 2018 are due no later than Saturday, September 15th!! Have a great Labor Day weekend and enjoy the rest of the summer! Hudock Capital Group, LLC Quarterly Tax Tip: … Read more
  • Barron’s Again Ranks Local Financial Advisor among Top 50 in Pennsylvania
    Williamsport, PA – March 14, 2018 – The Barron’s Magazine issued March 10, 2018, announced its 2018 Top 1200 Financial Advisors list ranking Barbara B. Hudock, CEO and Founding Partner of Hudock Capital Group, as one of the Top 50 Financial Advisors in Pennsylvania.  This is the ninth year Hudock has been included on this … Read more
  • Your Most Important 2018 Resolution: Reduce Burnout Risk and Improve Your Financial Health
    Click below to access one of Dr. Drummond’s recent presentations about physician burnout. “One of the most important things every physician can do – to eliminate money worries as a contributor to burnout – is to develop a comprehensive financial plan.”  –  Dike Drummond, MD Happy New Year!  This is the time of year for … Read more
  • Welcome to 2018! Breaking Down the Tax Bill
    Breaking Down the Tax Bill Over the last few months, Republicans in Congress have labored over a new tax bill.  On Friday, December 22, President Trump signed the final bill into law. It’s the most significant overhaul of the tax code since 1986 – and it’s something political, legal, and financial professionals will be analyzing … Read more
  • Philanthropist of the Year – The Hudock Family – Williamsport
    The Central Pennsylvania Chapter of The Association of Fundraising Professionals announces the 2017 National Philanthropy Awards (NPD). National Philanthropy Day® is a special day set aside to recognize the great contributions of philanthropy—and those people; volunteers, professionals, community and business leaders, who are active in the philanthropic community enriching the communities in which we live, … Read more
  • How to Protect Yourself – and Your Money – From Hackers
    How to Protect Yourself—and Your Money—From Hackers You’ve probably seen headlines like this recently: Equifax® Says Cyber Attack May Have Hit 143 Million Customers1 Every year, it seems more and more companies are falling victim to hackers. Even large organizations like Verizon®, Walmart®, and Target® aren’t immune. But the recent cyber attack on Equifax is … Read more
  • What to do if you’re one of the 44% of Americans hit by the Equifax breach
  • Quarterly Tax Tip: Using After-tax Defined Retirement Plans to Fund a Roth IRA
    An IRS ruling in September of 2014, clarified that after-tax contributions made into a defined contribution retirement plan could be rolled over to a Roth IRA (IRS, Rollovers of After-Tax Contributions in Retirement Plans, 2016). Although this ruling is by no means ground breaking, it could provide an opportunity for high-income earners who otherwise might … Read more
  • Red Cross Kicks Off “Operation: Stronger Together” with Help from Middleswarth & Hudock Capital Group
    (Middleburg, PA) – Today the American Red Cross Central Pennsylvania Region began its roll-out of Operation: Stronger Together, a new Service to the Armed Forces program, with a donation from Middleswarth Potato Chips. With this new program, the Red Cross Central Pennsylvania Region will serve as a “sister chapter” to the Red Cross office in … Read more
  • Barron’s Ranks Local Financial Advisor among Top 100 in the Country
    Williamsport, PA – June 7 , 2017 – Barron’s Magazine recently announced its 2017 Top 100 Women Financial Advisors list ranking Barbara B. Hudock, CEO and Founding Partner of Hudock Capital Group, as one of a select group of financial advisors nationwide.  This is the tenth time that the financial news organization included Hudock’s practice in … Read more
  • Recognizing a Lifetime of Achievements
    May 23, 2017 Recognizing a Lifetime of Achievements by UPMC Susquehanna During Susquehanna Health Foundation’s 3rd Annual Lifetime Achievement Awards, held May 19 at DiSalvo’s Restaurant in Williamsport, major donors (who gave $10,000 or more) and key inspirational individuals were honored for their significant impacts on UPMC Susquehanna and health care for the community. The … Read more
  • Barbara in Barron’s!
      BARRON’S MARCH 2017   I wanted to take a moment to share with you some exciting news.  Barron’s Magazine, in its 2017 Top 1200 Financial Advisors list, ranked Barbara Hudock, our CEO and Founding Partner, as one of a select group of financial advisors nationwide and one of the Top 50 financial advisors in … Read more
  • Barron’s Ranks Local Financial Advisor among Top 50 in Pennsylvania
    Williamsport, PA – March 15, 2017 –  The Barron’s Magazine issued March 6, 2017, announced its 2017 Top 1200 Financial Advisors list ranking Barbara B. Hudock, CEO and Founding Partner of Hudock Capital Group, as one of a select group of financial advisors nationwide and one of the Top 50 Financial Advisors in Pennsylvania.  This … Read more
  • Holiday Event JibJab Video
    Click to View Holiday Event JibJab Video
  • We Salute…John Meckley…for Making a Difference
    2016 Distinguished Citizen Award Susquehanna Council, B.S.A.
  • We Salute…Jennifer D. Wilson…for Making a Difference
  • Hudock Capital Annual Charity Golf Event Again Generates $10,000 for Local Nonprofit Organization
    August 23, 2016 The 11th Annual Tournament has donated more than $115k in total Charitable Contributions to Area Nonprofit Organizations – Milton Public Library named the 2016 Recipient. This year marked the eleventh in a row that Hudock Capital organized its annual golf tournament to raise funds for an area nonprofit organization.  The wealth management … Read more
  • Barron’s Ranks Local Financial Advisor among Top 100 in Country
    Williamsport, PA – June 10, 2016 – Barron’s Magazine recently announced its 2016 Top 100 Women Financial Advisors list ranking Barbara B. Hudock, CEO and Founding Partner of Hudock Capital Group, as one of a select group of financial advisors nationwide.  This is the ninth time that the financial news organization included Hudock’s practice in … Read more
  • Local women of influence say gender need not be a barrier
    Local women of influence say gender need not be a barrier June 5, 2016 By MEGAN E. BLOOM (mbloom@sungazette.com) , Williamsport Sun-Gazette Five decades after the Civil Rights Act of 1964 prohibited sex discrimination in employment, women have made great strides in the workforce, though it hasn’t always come easily. Lycoming County President Judge Nancy Butts became … Read more
  • SMART Event Wine Tasting Reception with Mark Veraguth from Dr. Constantine Frank’s Winery
    S.M.A.R.T. Event Wine Tasting Reception with Mark Veraguth from Dr. Constantine Frank’s Winery in Hammondsport, NY
  • Hudock Capital Group Receives Partnership Award from North Central Sight Services
    Representatives from Hudock Capital Group visited North Central Sight Services at their Williamsport Low Vision Store to receive the partnership award from the NCSS President, Bob Garrett.  NCSS states that their “annual Dining in the Dark event would not be possible without the help of this great group!”
  • Hudock Capital Group hosted a SMART Event at Lycoming College Art Gallery
    We were proud to recently host a SMART event (Some Motivated Advocates Relaxing Together) for some Hudock Capital clients and friends as another way to support the arts in our community. We enjoyed a lovely evening in Lycoming College’s beautiful downtown Williamsport gallery and were fortunate to hear an engaging lecture from Lewisburg artist Sanh … Read more
  • Financial Planning Professional Receives Advisor Certification
    Sun Gazette – Sunday September 13, 2015 – Hudock Capital Group of Williamsport has announced that Registered Associate, Marcia Pauling has completed the certification requirements of the National Social Security Association (NSSA) and is now authorized to use the NSSA Advisor designation. The NSSA Advisor certification allows Pauling to act as liaison with Hudock Capital’s … Read more
  • Hudock Capital 10th Annual Charity Golf Event Generates $10,000 for Local Education Nonprofit
    Annual Tournament Has Donated More Than $105K in Total Charitable Contributions to Area Nonprofit Organizations – Red Raider Foundation Named 2015 Recipient This year marked the tenth in a row that team members from Hudock Capital hit the links with scores of area golf enthusiasts to raise needed funds for an area nonprofit organization.  The … Read more
  • Pershing INSITE 2015 Conference
    Williamsport Sun-Gazette, Sunday August 23, 2015 Former Federal Reserve Board Chairman Ben Bernanke, center, is pictured with Barbara Hudock, CEO, left, and Michael J. Hudock, president, right, of Hudock Capital located in Williamsport at the recent Pershing INSITE 2015 conference held in Orlando..  Addressing the importance of financial advisory services in his keynote presentation, Chairman … Read more
  • Barron’s Ranks Local Financial Advisor Among Top 100 in Country
    Barron’s Magazine recently announced its 2015 Top 100 Women Financial Advisors list ranking Barbara B. Hudock, CEO and Founding Partner of Hudock Capital Group as one of a select group of financial advisors nationwide.  This year marks the eighth year Hudock has been named to the list, ranked at 61 among 100 of the most … Read more
  • Hudock Capital Group Hires John Kolb as Registered Associate
    Hudock Capital Group, LLC of Williamsport has announced that it recently hired John Kolb as Registered Associate. As a member of the Hudock Capital team, Kolb will actively partner with clients to research and analyze individual investment portfolios.  In this role, Kolb will perform financial analyses of client assets and in support of comprehensive client … Read more
  • Shelley S. Whitnack earns Certified Financial Planner Designation
    Shelley S. Whitnack, CFP®,  Relationship Manager at Hudock Capital Group, LLC in Williamsport, PA has been authorized by the Certified Financial Planner Board of Standards (CFP Board) to use the CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ and CFP® certification marks in accordance with CFP Board certification and renewal requirements. Ms. Whitnack has worked at Hudock Capital Group, LLC … Read more
  • Barbara Hudock speaks as a featured panelist at the Barron’s Top Women Advisor Summit
    Barbara Hudock, CEO and founding partner of Hudock Capital Group, right, speaks as a featured panelist at the Barron’s Top Women Advisor Summit.  The panel presented last month at The Breakers Palm Beach on “Breaking Bad Habits That Could Be Slowing You Down” and provided leading women financial advisors from around the country with key … Read more
  • Barbara Hudock in Registered Rep. Top 100
    Barbara Hudock, Managing Principal of Hudock Capital Group in Williamsport, Pennsylvania, has been in the financial services industry since she began as a manager’s secretary in 1975 at Merrill Lynch.  While there she rose to the position of First Vice President, and built a team of professional associates.  In November 2001 Barbara left Merrill Lynch … Read more
  • Business leader never forgets her community
    You might say Barbara Hudock has a hard time separating business from community service. And that’s a good thing. As the founding partner of Hudock Capital Group, Williamsport, she believes in serving her clients as well as the community. It means balancing work with other interests, but it’s also about passion and realizing there’s more … Read more
  • Barbara B. Hudock Named in Barron’s 2014 Top Financial Advisor Rankings
    Barron’s Magazine released their annual state-by-state Top Financial Advisor rankings recognizing Barbara B. Hudock, CEO and Founding Partner of Hudock Capital Group (HCG), Williamsport, PA, #14 in Pennsylvania.  The announcement marks the fifth year Hudock has been ranked on the list which recognizes the top 1 percent of professionals in the financial industry nationwide. The … Read more
  • Benner-Hudock Center for Financial Analysis reaffirms Hudock’s belief in the quality of a BU education
    When Barbara Benner Hudock ’75 spoke to Bloomsburg University’s May 2013 graduates, she shared 11 Lessons for Life from her 38-year career in financial services and her lifetime of community involvement. The commencement address for nearly 1,300 graduates and their families not only offered guidelines for success, happiness and fulfillment, it also demonstrated the value … Read more
  • Forbes Magazine ranked Hudock Capital Group number one on the publication’s “Top 50 Emerging Advisors” list
    Local Investment Firm Lands In Winner’s Circle By Adding To Families’ Value (Williamsport, PA – August 21, 2013) – Forbes Magazine recently ranked Williamsport-based Hudock Capital Group (HCG) number one on the publication’s “Top 50 Emerging Advisors” list.  That national recognition was followed by the announcement in June that Barbara B. Hudock had again been … Read more
  • Michael Hudock joins the Pennsylvania College of Technology Board of Directors
    Michael J. Hudock Jr. has recently been appointed to the “Penn College Foundation Board of Directors.” This appointment is a three-year term and will extend through June of 2016.
  • Barbara Hudock Delivers Commencement Address at Bloomsburg University.
    Barbara Hudock Delivers Commencement Address at Bloomsburg University Barbara Hudock, a 1975 graduate of Bloomsburg University, delivered the commencement address there on Saturday, May 18th, 2013. The University held two undergraduate commencement ceremonies, one for graduates of the Colleges of Education and of Liberal Arts and one for graduates of the Colleges of Business and … Read more
  • Barbara Hudock named in Barron’s list & Top Emerging RIA list
    Barbara Hudock named in Barron’s list of “Top 1000 Advisors State by State” CEO and founding partner of Hudock Capital Group ranked 14 on the PA Barron’s list Barbara Hudock CEO of HCG Williamsport, PA – Hudock Capital Group (HCG) is pleased to announce that CEO and founding partner Barbara B. Hudock ranked #14 on … Read more
  • Hudock Capital Group Scholarship established at Pennsylvania College of Technology
    Hudock Capital Group Scholarship Established The Hudock Capital Group Scholarship has been established as a building-to-endowed scholarship fund at Pennsylvania College of Technology. Once fully endowed, the scholarship fund will provide annual awards of $1,000 or more in perpetuity for those who demonstrate financial need and academic performance and are enrolled as full- or part-time … Read more
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